did i have a dream last night about obama campaigning with a giant fluorescent pink light of his name in all capitals…

or was that actually real


Ian Ruhter’s Silver and Light.

Photographer Ian Ruhter - who gave up his life savings to convert a old van into a mobile camera - will be having a solo show of his large, silver plate photographs created with the camera entitled “Silver and Light" at Fahey/Klein Gallery in Los Angeles, California on October 16th.  These images are remarkable and well worth a visit if you’re in the area.  You can see more below.

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selfportrait by Lacunar Spectare
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Tattoo Candy in Chicago by Allie Marie! She did a great job!
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 by Guillermo García Delgado
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Anonymous asked:
ur not a girl dude just stop





ah! just hold one for one second…

i’m looking in my handbag for a fuck to give about you but it seems mostly empty…

except for this old thing…

i wonder what that could mean.

actually i don’t wonder. that was a lie i just told. sorry about that. but what i’m not sorry about is what i am, what i know i am and what i know i will still be tomorrow even if i get a hundred more messages like this.

do you think you’re being original? do you think you can just tell me to stop and i will? that’s like telling the sun not to like, idk, be the fucking sun. it’s not happening. give up.

the other thing is, your message is tame. it’s so mild. you’re like a little drop of water in a sea of hot sauce. i get death threats, i get people telling me i’m going to hell, i get people who sincerely want to hurt me just because of who i am.

and i’m still fucking doing it.

but little arrogant plot holes like you think you can just tell me to stop.

no, you wet toaster. no.

i am a fucking queen and i will be a woman for as long as i know myself to be one. you will be a damp fork for as long as the universe continues to exist.

anyway if you’re done being a century old sock i’m going to go be a woman somewhere you’re not being a human embodiment of chapped lips


you called him a wet toaster

i’m in love


Ivan Solyaev’s ghosts

Ivan Solyaev is an artist hailing from Moscow, Russia. Solyaev’s work truly is haunting and beautiful, not to mention cold, like the ghosts of winter.

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Aerial views of the alien landscapes of Rio Tinto in Spain, by Francisco Mingorance (via)

This is gonna be a blast.



‘Synth-Sense’ - graphite/acrylic/digital

This is cool
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(by Chalo Photography)
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Canvas  by  andbamnan